The Guitar is Alive!

Be part of this massive competition!

Show the world, what a massive instrument your guitar is!

Send in your video clip where you show the world what a fascinating instrument the guitar is and win one of 30 guitar prices with a total value of 10.000,- $ (sponsored by Music Store Cologne)!

Right now most of us are staying at home.
So lets use this time and show the world what an
awesome instrument the guitar is!

Everyone who is a friend of the guitar can participate in accordance with the terms and conditions of participation
- no matter for how long or how good you can play guitar.
It's about showing the world that the guitar is alive!

Right here in the middle of these hot guitars I play
the main price of the year 2017:

Please note that the prices for this year are not yet fixed, but the prices will be very similar and super awesome! 

The main price from 2017 was a Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition El Diabolo Stratocaster '55
Desert Tan NAMM '17 with a value of 4000,-$!

Out of love for the guitar

No matter, if it's an acoustic or an electric guitar.

The guitar is and will always be a very versatile and fascinating instrument that is a huge part of a guitarists life. 

We believe that a contest can only make fun if it's held as fair as possible. That's why the community will vote the winner!

Despite all the joy about the fantastic prices (at this point a huge thank you to Music Store Cologne!) … This is about something much more important:

Show the world how amazing the guitar is!

Right now most of us are staying at home. What better to do than playing guitar? 

Together we start an awesome action and a massive contest to show the world what a great Instrument the guitar is.

Convince the community with your idea!

Let your creative imagination run free! Get in front of the camera and show the world why you love the guitar and
why it cannot become extinct. Send this video to me and I will publish it on my YouTube Channel. Like this you will be heard and
you also have the chance to win a hot guitar.

Beginners & Pros have the same chance to win

To me it is very important that everyone has the chance to win and that this contest is really fair. No matter if you are a beginner, an advanced guitar student or even a pro: You can win! It is about the message and to get it out and to convince the majority of the werdemusiker community. That`s why: come up with something stunning how you can do this. Actually you don’t even need a guitar!